Katie Miller - Cowes 2012

Town Quay resident Figaro II Team International and her skipper Katie Miller participated in Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week last week, taking with them a special guest.
Competing in both IRC 2 and a dedicated Figaro II class (Of which they won), Katie and her team, including 18 foot skiff sailors Tom and Matt Kiddle, faced a variety of conditions throughout the week, including gale force gusts and drowning rain as well as glorious sunshine and light winds. 
Highlights of the week included very close racing with the Artemis Academy Figaros, shaving Bramble Bank, some (too) close quarters action at the leeward mark and one spontaneous rendition of Joseph and his Technicolour Dream coat. 
Special guest onboard on Thursday was none other than Town Quay Manager Lex Bancroft, who proved a more than helpful crew member throughout the day. Katie said, "It’s always a pleasure to take some of the projects supporters out to taste some of the action. It was more than a pleasure to take Lex out for a blast last week.
 And a blast it was, since it was by far our windiest day, reaching 14 knots on one particular downwind leg. During one particularly less than smooth spinnaker drop, I was left more than impressed at Lex's split second reaction to dive from the windward to leeward rail to help retrieve the spinnaker from a near disastrous position on the water's surface. She can come again any time!"